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Foolish foolish am I
To your breath in my ear
Whispered perfectly
Words I want to hear
I know it’s just a ploy

Crazy crazy am I
Wanting to believe
Whispered perfectly
Words of sweet deceit

Winding me up like a top
Or a dime-store toy

To have your way with me
Is all in what you say to me
And when I'm down
And when I'm blue
It only takes a few words

No it doesn't take much
No it doesn't take much

Empty empty am I
Holding on to you
On to promises
Paper-thin untrue
Want to become
The dreams I thought I knew

I want to block them out
Expose your truths
I know exactly what you do
But my loneliness falls prey
To the gentle words you say


Lyrics and Music by Sarah Atereth

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